Refrigerated PUD

From decades of experience in produce logistics, Acacia Transport has built our transport fleet around offering flexible logistics solutions, including pick up and delivery.

Our pick up and delivery solutions mean we can work with you on smaller jobs as supply and demand fluctuate.

We offer tailgate deliveries for sites without forklifts.

Our rigid trucks give accessibility where semi trailers won't fit.

We have rear and side loading options, giving flexibility in shuttle and dock work.

The Acacia Transport company equipment fleet contains;

  • 25 x Prime Movers
  • 6 x Rigid Trucks
  • 6 x Permanent Prime Mover Contractors

Vehicles are equipped with;

  • Electronic Tailgates (rigid only)
  • Thermo King Refrigeration Units
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Chiller Mats
  • Dual Temperature Mats

Acacia Transport offer trans shipping for interstate suppliers and transport companies.

Call us on 02 9679 0055. We'd love to speak with you and are sure Acacia Transport will have logistics solutions to suit your business.